Popular music for Instagram Reels. 15 lyric tracks

Hey! Today I want to share a useful article for active users of Instagram Reels, namely a selection of popular lyrical music for your aesthetic videos. First, I will share the technical part. You can find all these tracks through the Reels music search. To do this, when creating a rails, go to the "audio" section and enter the name of the track in the search box.

Some of the tracks will be presented with a link for your convenience. The link should be opened from the phone, after which you will be taken to Instagram. Then you can immediately use the music by clicking "use audio track" or save it for the future and then it will be in the "saved" section


Now let's move on to the tracks!


1. Bleedingxheart - lovely

2. Lilucifer - Forever in my mind

3. SYML - Vhere is my love (Alternative version)

4. The Irreplessibles - In this shirt


6. Billie Eillish - Six feet under

7. Beth - Let me down slowly (Acoustic)

8. Jane - You

9. Tommee Profitt, Fleurie - In the end (Mellen Gi Remix)

10. Ludovico Einaudi - Experience


11. Tommeeprofitt - Shallow (cover)

12. Pietro Scichilone - Experience (Piano e Violin)